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User Engagement

Design and Visual Appeal

Evaluate the overall design, layout, and color scheme of the website.
Provide feedback on the visual appeal and alignment with branding.
Check if the design elements are consistent across different pages.

User Experience (UX)

Assess the ease of navigation and user flow on the website.
Evaluate the clarity of the website’s structure and organization.
Check if there are any broken links or 404 errors.

Content Quality

Review the content for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos.
Assess the relevance, accuracy, and freshness of the content.
Evaluate the readability and formatting of the text.



Website Performance

Check the website’s loading speed and identify any bottlenecks.
Assess the performance of the website across different devices and browsers.
Identify any issues that may affect the website’s performance.

Mobile Responsiveness

Test the website’s responsiveness on various mobile devices and screen sizes.
Check if the content is properly displayed and easily accessible on mobile.
Ensure that the website elements adjust well to different screen sizes.

SEO Optimization

Evaluate the website’s meta tags, titles, and descriptions for relevant keywords.
Check if the website has proper header tags and structured data.
Assess the website’s internal linking and overall search engine visibility.



Conversion Optimization

Review the website’s call-to-actions (CTAs) and their placement.
Evaluate the effectiveness of forms and checkout processes.
Identify opportunities to optimize conversion rates and user engagement.

Analytics and Tracking

Ensure that the website has proper analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.
Check if the tracking codes are correctly implemented and functioning.
Provide recommendations for tracking relevant metrics and improving data analysis.


Assess the website’s security measures, including SSL certificates.
Check if there are any vulnerabilities that could lead to security breaches..
Evaluate the website’s compliance with accessibility standards (WCAG).